Usage Terms

  1. This is a dating site for adults. You uderstand that you must be over 18 years of age or what is the legal adult age in your country.

  2. By accesing this site you confirm that you agree with this terms of usage in totally. You also agree to chek them periodically and that you allow us to change them without announcing you.

  3. You agree that you MUST be honest on this site, and you will not try to give us fake photos or fake information about yourself. You also understand that the administrators of this site can and will take drastic measures against you in case you break this rule.

  4. You agree to colaborate with the administrators of this site in order to fix any problems that might happen with your profile. In case your photos arouse suspicions, you agree to confirm then by webcam.

  5. You understand that it is your duty to help administrators in exposing fraudulent profiles.

How This Site Works

Webcam Required

Firefox Recommended

1152x864 minimum resolution

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