In order to have you profile active.

You must make sure all the time that you fulfill these conditions :

1. You have edited your profile , and you have completed all the fields.

2. You have edited your Interests

3. You have at least one photo album, and you have certified it with one of the site administrators, by webcam. In case you haven't done these three things, please do them asap. Otherwise, your profile can be disabled at any time by an admin.

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Changing profile or photo albums.

Each time you change your profile or photo albums, your profile will be disabled until one of the administrators will 'look' at it and activate it or put it in the 'suspect' status.

Don't get scared if you get to be 'suspect'. This only means that you must take action and remove the problem that brought you to this state. When you are in this state, you will see the last 5 messages from the admins as soon as you login. Please read them carefully and fix the problem that brought you in this status, as soon as you can.

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If you want to display your contact information

You should go to Certifications in the left menu. You must certify the contact information before being able to display it in your own profile.

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